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Muetron´s comic 'Live and Learn" - Concept arts

:iconmuetron: is working on a  comic story related to Knuckles Boom past. And as in my Sonic Boom comic where Muetron is responsible for Knuckles dialogues and actions, the character´s personality will be a mixture of the Knuckles Boom and Modern Knuckles versions. During a conversation with Muetron, we were wondering about  the younger versions of the other characters (Espio, Vector and Mighty) before he meet Sonic and Tails on Angel Island.  Well,  Muetron suggested me to try to draw them, so I'm working on the concept art of the characters. Check out. =D

Comic Live and Learn- Knuckles the puggle by MilesTailsFox-fan  Comic Live and Learn- Younger Espio and Vector by MilesTailsFox-fan

CHECK OUT THE LINKS TO FIND MORE ABOUT :iconmuetron: comic 'Live and Learn?' 
Stay tuned in the details that are going on in the new chapter of my Sonic Boom Comic. You'll see an epic time travel adventure  with lots of action, humor, references to other franchises,  and of course, brotherhood. 

Comic folder: milestailsfox-fan.deviantart.c…
Chapter Challenges:
Ask Sonic and Tails: milestailsfox-fan.deviantart.c…

Check out my fanarts related to the new chapter "Challenges".

Chilling out on Angel Island by MilesTailsFox-fan Fighting by MilesTailsFox-fan Teen Tails  and Mecha Tails by MilesTailsFox-fan

Tails growled at Sonic in Sonic Boom´s episode 15. His growl was funny and  adorable! XD 
I'm sick of all the trolls, haters and spammers on Deviantart. 

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